Ask us about Solar PV and Air Sourced Heat Pumps

JCW Residential have specialists in the design and installation of a full range of cutting-edge renewable heating technologies for both domestic and commercial clients.

Our designers and installers are fully trained and qualified so our customers can expect top class workmanship, and a professional service. As we are also approved installers of many manufacturers, clients can benefit from cost effective repair and maintenance solutions as well as high quality products with extended warranties.

Find out more about grants on Renewable Heat Incentive and how you can be given regular payments over seven years if you install an eligible renewable heating system, such as heat pumps. 

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Air Source Heat Recovery Pumps

The need for energy efficient heat recovery is ever growing. The rise in energy prices and further environmental commitments places an increasing burden on organisations as they seek to reduce energy consumption.

Heat recovery units are supply and extract systems delivering filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale stagnant air from inside.  Each unit has a heat recovery element that is capable of transferring the heat that would otherwise be lost into the incoming air flow.

Heat recovery systems can be adapted to incorporate cooling, additional filtration and sophisticated control packages.

JCW Residential can provide a full project management service for the installation of heat recovery systems that can incorporate a number of heat recovery ventilation technologies and control systems to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system to help reduce energy use and consumption. 

Solar Panel

More and more customers are looking closely at both what they pay for their energy but also how they use it and with concerns over energy consumption and the unstable market place are choosing to install Solar PV systems.

JCW can project manage from design, installation and commissioning to the maintenance of domestic and commercial Solar PV systems.