Shortlisting Heating and Plumbing contractors

Projects and maintenance

expectation from contractors

The safe installation and the maintenance of your heating and plumbing equipment is paramount to a getting through the cold weather comfortably. Not only does it keep your property's running cost low, it also ensures everyone that uses the premises are safe.

According to estimates published by RICS, the UK’s total annual maintenance expenditure is £59.5 billion, of which £32.3 billion belong to domestic building maintenance. This is a lot of money, so it is important that reality meets expectation. When choosing a Heating and Plumbing contractor, many factors could determine their quality and capabilities. It is often good practice to check that they have the relevant referencesexperiencecoveragediscipline and accreditations that you are looking for, as the company will need to guarantee beyond doubt, that appliances are in safe working order.


good client relationship

A good reputation is proof that the company can offer you the same level of services that they offer to all their happy clients. For routine maintenance, such as annual gas checks, references provided by existing clients of the contractor often show longevity and consistency of the services provided. Clients who opt for long term contractors, focus more on maintaining long term certainty by strengthening the existing relationship.


Does the contractor have proven experience of the services and installation you seek? Their website looks great, you’ve met with the technical manager and there are many promises being made. They may have published case studies but have they been supported by a testimonial? A specialist company will offer focused and tailored Heating and Plumbing services in house with an experienced specialist team, it is important to know if this is what you want, or perhaps you want Management agent for a fully outsourced home servicing solution.


wide national service coverage

Looking for a service contractor for Heating and Plumbing equipment maintenance can lead to some decisions, whether you are home owner, landlord with multiple properties or residential housing companies with a national property network. Do you look for local contractors with local operation and clientele for your property, or national helpdesks for full coverage across the UK via subcontracted work force. Perhaps you would like the professionalism of a national company to centralise the project or service management, with local infrastructure and directly employed engineers with geographic knowledge.


Most heating and plumbing services providers would have a Electrical capabilities as well. It is important to see if the contractor has the engineer in other discipline in the geographic area you require, or have the flexibility to tailor a installation and maintenance package to your local or national properties. For example: If your southern properties have more mechanical maintenance requirement, like air conditioning and heat pumps, and your national service company is not capable to change their infrastructure, your service costs can be greater as they will have to compensate for the travel times to move the right engineers from else where.


Having a full set of accreditations means your chosen heating and plumbing contractor have been through the industry’s most rigorous vetting processes before you even start your own tender process. When a company has held on to the same accreditation long term, it means they have continuously kept up with the evolving quality standards of this changing industry.


When you've found companies with relevant references, experience, coverage, discipline and accreditations, any further vetting can then be more focused on the cost of the services you need. This will ensure that you are also obtaining value for money together with the service levels you would expect. Finding the right set of contractors mean you may never need to shop around again.