Solar Power: is it for you?


Renewable technologies use natural energy to make electricity, and solar is one of the fuel sources. According to Energy UK, renewable sources made up 25% of electricity generated in 2015, and the UK has a target of rising it to 30%  by 2020. Solar energy have come a long way since its discovery by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839. Climate change research in the 1950’s has prompted an acceleration in the development of Solar cells, nowadays solar panels and its benefits can be seen everywhere you go.

be a part of a positive change by introducing Solar Panels

Solar panel harvests light, the photovoltaic cell convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances, heating and lighting.

You may be looking to become more self sufficient in energy generation or reduce your domestic carbon footprint. Saving the environment and the world can feel like a giant leap, but it is a leap that more and more people are taking. Together with our renewable energy partner Beco Energy solutions, JCW Saunders can offer nationwide renewable solar energy solutions to family homes, or domestic offices as well as new developments.

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Solar energy can be adapted if you’re off the grid or on-grid.

Rural premises, like farms, may not be connected to any main electrical or gas supplies, power generated through fuels are burnt on site, Oil or LPG can be costly and need to be stored on site. Leaks undetected can be detrimental to the local natural environment and carbon emission from fuel combustion can be higher when boilers are under maintained.

Solar PV make a highly attractive prospect for those that wish to reduce fuel or energy costs. Some solar thermal panels for commercial premises are listed as eligible equipment under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – an UK Government scheme that offers financial aid when homeowners invest in renewable heat technologies.

Solar PV from our partners at Beco are ideally suited to the UK climate and are custom designed to ensure the highest production levels even on overcast days. In addition, solar PV is easily scalable to maximise efficient for a range of installation sizes. Solar power offer substantial savings and long term stability of supply.


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  • The UK government scheme Feed-in tariffs (FIT) pays you for the electricity generated from your solar panel, even if you use it

  • What you do not use, can be sold back to the grid

  • Cut your home electricity bills, Installation of solar PVs make Sunlight a free source of power.

  • For the environmental conscious, you will cut your carbon footprints

Battery solutions

Together with our experts at Beco, we can offer integrated battery solutions suited to your property. Solar batteries are a great way to reserve self-generated surplus power instead of supplying back to the main grid. In an outage, you wont need to rely on the power grid, stored energy will be an excellent back up.

JCW Saunders have Solar PV designers and installers in house, so ennquire today and see what renewable solar solution we can offer you. Contact us today.