Off Grid Energy Options: LPG, Oil and Heat Recovery

JCW Residential has been a trusted professional in the maintenance, repair and installations of gas fired heating systems for decades. However, this industry is changing, for example 60% of all homes in Mid-Suffolk District are off the main gas grid, and this percentage is likely to rise all over the UK. That’s why here at JCW, we are experts on all the major off the grid energy options too.

UK government advisers suggest all new homes will be banned from connecting to the gas grid before 2025. New homes are already being built with off the grid energy solutions in mind. You might be considering your off the grid options, here are a few that JCW can advise on.

Power from Solar Panels

You may be looking to become more self sufficient in energy generation, or you want to reduce your domestic carbon footprint. Becoming self sufficient in electricity generation isn’t just a financial benefit, the environment will benefit from your investment too. It can feel like a giant leap, but it is a leap more and more people are taking.

Heating and Cooling from Heat Recovery

Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery systems is another choice if your home is off the gas grid. They can provide both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Using ground and air sourced surplus heat, this technology reuses the energy and turns it into power.

Heat and Cook with LPG

LPG is a portable fuel source, a pressurised, liquid mixture of gases including propane and butane. If you’re considering this fuel source for your property, or if you live in a property that is off the main gas grid, these portable tanks could be your solution. Find out more here.

If your off the grid energy option is Oil, one of your responsibilities will be to use Oftec accredited technicians to carry out inspections. Tank leakage is one of the most frequent occurring issues if your tank is under maintained. Although the fuel itself is above 90% efficient, oil prices are on the rise, so be sure to find the best long term solution to suit you.


We know a lot of home owners are opting for environmentally friendly, energy efficient, renewable or zero waste off the grid home powering systems. But JCW understands that many of these are not without their financial, infrastructural and geographic constraints. If you still require more help in making a decision to come off the grid, please leave us a message in the form to the right.