What are benefits in servicing your gas heated systems?

Boiler service gas safety check

When it comes to Gas Safety, Saunders get a lot of questions on the differences between a safety check and a boiler services. It is important to service and check your gas equipment at regular intervals, but it does help if you know how to differentiate the two. We hope this blog will clear up some of the confusions.

Difference between Gas Safety Check and a Gas Service

Your Landlord is required to provide a Gas Safety Check with a certificate annually by Law, but be clear as this check does not equate to an actual appliance service.

A Gas Safety Check should involve all gas appliances, gas flues and vents to be checked by a Gas Safe registered Engineer, who will pass them as either in safe working condition or not. To read more about this safety check click here.

So what counts as a service?

A Service should keep individual equipment working at more than just safe condition, but at their optimum.

The service could include:

  • Positioning: ensure the gas is burning correctly

  • Suitability located: easy access for regular checks

  • Physically stable: fitted correctly and connected to the gas supplier securely

  • Air supply suitability: making sure there is an adequate and permanent supply to the equipment

  • Flues, chimneys and vents: checked and certified

  • Safety: checking and making sure the safety components of the system are functioning properly.

The inspection and cleaning of the appliance must be to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer’s instructions. Services that are carried out as specified will ensure the warranty of equipment remains valid. Whereas a gas safety check for a property is inclusive of all gas supply equipment, pipes and flues etc, a service is requested individually and the equipment is serviced as separate items.


What are the benefits in getting the equipment serviced?

  • A service will ensure your equipment is warranted by the manufacturer, it is often requested in the manual of your equipment that in order to keep the warranty, it must have been maintained and serviced at required intervals by a Gas Safe engineer.

  • It will ensure the condition of your equipment passes the gas safety check with flying colours, the last thing you want is an unfit for purpose boiler as a Landlord.

  • It will keep your boiler/ central heating system working at its most energy efficient level. A serviced central heating system could include a power flush at request, a deep clean that will improve the flow of heat carried around the system. This could mean you will have a more reliable heating system which could lower you energy bills.

  • It can give your equipment a prolonged life span, like any equipment, from air conditioning to cars, a good maintenance plan will keep the equipment working without straining. The harder a boiler has to work, the shorter its lifespan tends to be.

  • It could warrant any insurance claim, very often home insurance companies ask that you have your boiler service record for any boiler repair claims even if you have a boiler cover plan.

  • It will ensure the safety of the occupants: safety always come first with us. Whether you are responsible for your tenants or you want peace of mind for your family, regular maintenance will help prevent any incidences. Keeping your property and family safe should be paramount, no matter how rare some occurrence can be #besafenotsorr