5 reasons to service your boiler in the summer

With the cold weather seemingly lasting forever, we reflect on the health and reliability of our gas boilers. We have experienced a growing volume of emergency call outs to boiler issues in recent winters. JCW believe our responsibility is beyond simply providing a service, we wanted to use this blog to raise awareness to the importance of staying proactive when it comes to having boiler serviced.

Why have your boiler serviced in the summer?

Here are 5 main reasons why is it a good idea to have your boiler serviced in the summer:

1. More flexible boiler servicing availability

Summer 2019 is months away, people are finalising their summer plans, and for most, booking their domestic gas heating / gas boiler servicing is probably the last thing on their mind.

Booking your domestic boiler service to be completed in the summer is a time when we can be most proactive with our servicing schedule. This means a shorter waiting time for our clients, and they can choose from more available time slots. For JCW heating engineers, the busiest time comes around in the Autumn when everyone turns their boilers on. If we service your boiler outside of our peak season and a fault is found, a remedial visit can be arranged far quicker with less disruption to you, as your heating won’t be on.

2. Assurance that your boiler is ready for the colder months

To paint a picture of how busy it can be, at the first sign of a chill, boilers across the country are turned on for the first time in months and many may not work properly. By having had a service in the summer, you can rest assured that your boiler is confirmed as operating safely and correctly prior to the colder months.  If an issue is picked up it can be rectified before your boiler becomes essential to heating your home.

3. Issues found and resolved in good time

Throughout the summer, people often leave gas boilers off, to sit dormant for an extended period of time. In this situation there is the risk that the internal workings of boilers could seize up through lack of use. When the boiler is required again, a fault may have developed during this off period, and a homeowner finds themselves without heating/hot water when they really need it.  By having a boiler service in the summer, the boiler is turned on for a short time, which breaks up this long dormant period and any issues can be found and resolved before winter.

4. Quicker to source essential boiler spares

It’s much easier and quicker to source parts and repair boilers during the summer because the industry isn’t as busy.  It can be a real headache in the middle of winter, especially over the festive period, when some manufacturers and suppliers shut down. A boiler service may identify a fault that requires the boiler to be shut off, and if this is during the winter, a property is without heating or hot water for possibly an extended period, not what you want when it is cold.

5. It is cheaper!!

It is cheaper with us! Due to there being fewer breakdowns and boiler repair requests in the summer months, we can arrange our boiler servicing engineers to service your gas boiler for only £39.95 plus VAT this Summer (2019).

Book a summer boiler service for only £39.95 plus VAT!

Boiler engineers are less busy in the summer months which makes it convenient for them to come out and service at a time that is more flexible for you. This is also why we are able to offer the “summer proactive” discount. Beat the rush and book your service now instead!

Remember that a proactive approach is the best answer to ensuring you get the very best out of your heating equipment in the most cost and energy efficient manner.